Friday, February 14, 2020

QuickBooks Online Payroll Subscription Changes

QuickBooks Online is changing their payroll subscription options.  If you are currently enrolled in Enhanced Payroll, this payroll subscription will be replaced with Payroll Core in March 2020.  Payroll Core functions differently than Enhanced Payroll.  Here are some affects you will notice when this change is implemented fully:

  1. Paychecks cannot be edited, voided or deleted once they are created.
  2. Once payroll has been set-up for the company, no changes can be made.  Changes are still allowed for employees (e.g. payrates).
  3. Electronic payroll tax payments are made automatically by Intuit based on your depositor schedule.  You will no longer be able to pick the date of the payroll tax payment.
  4. Payroll tax returns will be electronically filed automatically by Intuit.
  5. If anything does need to be edited, voided, or deleted, a call will need to be made to QuickBooks Online Payroll Support.  Intuit may charge a fee for these support calls.
Intuit’s intent with these changes is to maintain the integrity of payroll data.  The unintended consequences of these changes take away the freedom to edit, correct, and customize payroll.  We expect some of the features and efficiencies you’ve come to expect and enjoy will be sorely missed.  We have communicated with Intuit the need for these features, and Intuit is considering making changes to accommodate this need.

In the meantime, we are exploring other payroll processing companies.  If you feel Payroll Core will not work for your company’s needs, please let us know.  We will be happy to work with you to find an appropriate solution.

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